Today: June 13, 2024
Today: June 13, 2024

Recruitment & selection

For a business to maintain its success and integrity, there is the need to have and retain the right workforce. Assistlead has a wide network of potential candidates so you are assured of highly qualified employees whose competencies and skills will fit your organization. We pull needed expertise, select candidates based on their success in a primary behavioral interview before forwarding them to our clients for an interview and final selection. We also manage the contract for service staff (outsourcing).

hr audit

Our able team will help your company identify and address the human resource management challenges and labor law compliance discrepancies.

Policy and Code of Conduct development

We develop employment policies and a code of conduct that does not only guide the daily running of a business but also streamlines activities and maintains orderliness at the workplace and above all aides in damage limitation in case of any legal issues.


We develop strategic compensation plan which is cost-effective, attractive, and motivational enough to maximize your workforce's overall commitment and performance.

We also handle Employer/Employee training programs

Assistlead Consult is a human capital management firm that assists businesses in the area of business administration and human resource management projects. We provide specific human resource services such as staff workforce management, HRM processes reengineering, organization development, recruitment and outsourcing, and training & development.